Why apply online when I can visit a physical store?

Some people are misled to thinking that applying online can be more expensive than applying through a physical store. On the contrary, online application costs just the same, sometimes even cheaper. This is because an online website gets rid of the expenses associated with running a physical store. Not to mention that applying online will be more convenient.

More importantly, when you apply directly, you are lacking the help of a middleman service to gain the provider’s approval, especially if your credit is poor. Applying online through our service, on the other hand, not only makes things faster, but it can give you the best shot at approval.

What makes your service different?

We understand the special needs of applicants with bad credit because of our constant study and assessment of feedbacks from other successful applicants. Through the years, we have observed which deals are the easiest to qualify for. We have one of the highest acceptance rates in the UK and have helped thousands of customers just like you obtain a bad credit mobile contract.

What sets us apart is that we don’t hold empty promises for our clients, unlike those other no credit check mobile phone contracts do. We simply make use of our knowledge, experience, and established relationships with the network companies to provide you with real tactics to improve your chances of success.

Can you guarantee that I will qualify for a contract?

No single company can or should promise you a 100% approval. In fact, we warn you to stay away from those sites because a guaranteed mobile phone contract doesn’t really exist. However, with our expertise and connections to the largest mobile providers, we can increase your chances of getting approved for a mobile contract without having to believe in shady websites. We have the largest database of bad credit mobile phone deals so you can trust that you won’t get away empty-handed.

What if I want the newest smartphone in the market?

For the meantime, we recommend that you don’t apply for expensive phones, because they will most likely have your application rejected. With your current credit situation, we advise you to opt for low-end gadgets because it’s less risky for the company. As of now, you should remember to focus on getting accepted first and establish good payment history, and in time you can easily upgrade your service to the phone that you really like.

Can I keep my existing number?

Definitely! If you happen to qualify for one of the deals, you can request to have your old number ported if you want to switch networks.

How much do I have to pay you?

Using our service is FREE and of no obligation to you, in fact, we try our best to find you the cheapest possible deal for your situation. We only ask you to fill in our form so that we have a means to contact you once we’ve found the best offer for your needs.

“Really useful service - AffordablePhone helped me get a new mobile phone on contract even though I've got a bad credit rating. ”

Mr Nugent

“I highly recommend this site...was refused in a shop just last week and came across this site. Applied for a new phone which will be arriving tomorrow!”

Miss Thompson

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