HTC One Mini Review

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We all know how HTC spent a lot of time and resources in building a premium smartphone that can make any others look less impressive beside it- the HTC One. For several months after its release, it was the only phone that HTC has took pride on, until the arrival of the HTC One Mini. But is the smaller counterpart on par with its larger version when it comes to user experience?


While mimicking the same aluminum body and curved back design of the bigger HTC One, the main difference between the One and the One Mini is the plastic waistband encircling its edges. However, don’t think that it makes it any less premium, in fact, it does produce a nice finish. It also makes it easier for those smaller hands to grip the device.


While you won’t see a lot of difference in the outside, when you check on the internal components you’ll see why the One Mini is a mid-range phone. Inside is the dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon clocked at 1.4GHz and backed by 1GB of RAM. Despite not having the quad-core processor of the HTC One to brag about, the One Mini does get daily tasks done in a breeze, including browsing, emailing, watching movies, and engaging in social media. The little difference in speed is certainly not an issue, because the One Mini is still slick and responsive and provides great user experience.

The problem, however, with having much less advanced specs, is that not all apps are supported.

Battery Life

It’s no surprise to find a smaller battery within a smaller body of the HTC One Mini, which is a 1800mAh battery. It can last about ten hours of constant messaging, some browsing and social media, and shooting some photos and videos. You can definitely extend the life with some tweaks, however, don’t expect too much if you’re planning to push it too hard. It may also tend to warm and result to faster battery drain, but it’s not uncommon with smartphones nowadays.


Just like the One, the One Mini consists of the same 4-Ultrapixel rear cam, while facing the front is a 1.6-MP sensor. Just like the older brother, the One Mini boasts of better low-light photos compared to competitors with higher megapixels. As with other phones, there’s a tendency for overexposure in bright environment. What’s great is that you can take photos in a snap, and just like with the One, the Zoe mode is present in the Mini.


  • Awesome user interface
  • Impressive display
  • Premium, elegant design and build
  • Great camera
  • Good sound system



  • Less powerful
  • Battery life a bit disappointing
  • Absence of NFC
  • Still highly priced
  • Not all apps are supported


The Verdict

Although there are limitations and it can be a tad slower at times, the One Mini is far from sluggish and definitely delivers to perform day-to-day tasks with ease, which is what matters. Having a phone that sounds good, feels good, and looks really good, it’s hard to accuse it of being a second-rate, mid-range alternative.

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