LG G2 Review

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Despite having released a few impressive phones, LG is yet to steal the show from the big smartphone players in the market. Now the LG G2 is determined to seek a battle again, but will it win, or at least come close to its competitors? What does this new phone has to offer that can change the minds of die-hard Samsung and Apple fans?


What’s even more impressive than Android’s multi-tasking is the three finger swipe gesture to multitask with three apps. More smartness is also evident in movement- based interactions, such as when the phone gets quick when you pick it up while it’s ringing, when the call is automatically answered when you move the phone to your ear, the ability to pause a video by turning the phone over, and silencing calls and alarms by flipping the phone.


With the very thin bezel to the left and right of the phone, the space is optimized for a smaller handset, giving way to a generous 5.2-inch LCD screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and 423ppi density. Based on the specs, anyone would expect that this screen is special, and it is. Though it doesn’t have the brightness and vivid colors of an OLED screen, it does have impressive details and solid viewing angles. In fact, it even makes this screen as one of the best among smartphones today, because pictures don’t appear blown out or oversaturated unlike with OLED phones.

Battery Life

While LG claims the phone to last between one and a half to two days, it actually only lasted under a day of constant gaming. However, even with light usage, not much battery juice is squeezed out of it, which is probably the side effect of a powerful processor and that gorgeous display. It also tends to warm the phone.


The photos produced by the G2 may not be always sharp, especially when zoomed at 100 percent. It certainly does not match the shooters of the iPhone 5/5s or the Samsung Galaxy S4/Note III, but it’s not as bad as other cheaper phones would have offered. In fact, the images are pretty decent, with color accuracy, lots of photo options to play with. All in all, the camera performs well, but it’s not something to get excited about.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Great performance
  • Looks and feels good



  • A little expensive
  • Camera is not the best
  • No expandable memory
  • Not that impressive battery life


The Verdict

The LG G2 definitely is one stunning smartphone that competitors should watch out for. It may have some shortcomings, which it certainly makes up for in some department. Not only is this machine stylish, but it is powerful and handles all tasks you throw at it with ease. It may be hard to get over the Apple or Samsung craze, but if you’re willing to take the plunge and try your hands on something new, the LG G2 definitely won’t fail you.

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