Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Review

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Many of us today fall in love with the bigger mobile phones in the market, such as the Note series and the Galaxy S4. But if you’re not a fan of giants, then the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini could be the phone for you, which offers most of its big brother’s features at a lower price and at a smaller size.

Much is Less

Aside from the obvious reduction in size, the S4 Mini has less screen, less, power, and less storage. In terms of dimension, it is pretty close to the Apple, although the slight differences are noticeable in the specs.

The Mini is powered by a dual-core processor, unlike its octa-core/quad-core powered sibling. It’s backed up by 1.5GB of RAM, compared to S4’s 2GB. However, the main problem lies with the 8GB internal storage, which only renders 5GB usable. Before it would’ve been a problem since Samsung phones mostly have expandable storage, but unfortunately, Google doesn’t allow to move apps into the micro-SD card anymore.  It would be a shame if you want to run massive games because the internal storage fills up easily.

The screen is gorgeous though, even with the slightly lower pixel density of 256ppi compared to the 441ppi of the SGS4. The 540 x 960 resolution works well for the slightly smaller 4.3 inch screen, so it can still produce a stunning display. This AMOLED screen has amazing detail, plenty of brightness and vivid colors, and works great for most phone operations.

Performance and Battery Life

Despite not having the same specs as the SGS4, the Mini can definitely brag about how slick it performs, considering the much less advanced processor. It’s basically the same SGS4 experience, at a smaller device.

What’s spectacular with this little devil is the battery life. When new, it can easily last two days of moderate use and can stand a day of regular calls and texts with some music and gaming. Although it might not see a day out as time goes by, it could simply be normal battery wear and a clutter of apps that consistently run in the background. Compared to other phones put in the same situation, this one still performs better.


The Mini carries a generous 8MP rear-facing cam and a 1.9MP sensor at the front, and while it’s no match for the SGS4’s 13MP shooter, the Mini does produce stunning photos. Just like its sibling, it has many built-in shooting options to play with, such as Beauty Face, Best Face, Best Photo, Rich Tone, Panorama, and more.


  • Impressive screen
  • Handy size
  • Great camera
  • Battery life is decent



  • Still relatively expensive
  • Limited internal storage
  • Not the best speakers
  • Not full HD


The Verdict

With an impressive battery life, slick performance, nice build and form factor, this miniature version of the SGS4 is one capable phone. The major issue here would probably be the lack of internal memory, which is a crucial factor when you intend to run a number of demanding apps. Aside from that, however, this little smartphone is definitely likeable on its own.

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