When is Pay as You Go a Sound Choice?

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Every mobile user is torn between signing up for a contract or sticking with pay as you go. While there is no one perfect answer about which is the better option, these are some circumstances in which a PAYG scheme is more ideal.

You don’t use up a lot of credits

One of the situations when PAYG becomes more reasonable than a mobile phone contract is when your credit consumption is much less than what a contract offers. Unless you want to continue paying for more than your supposed usage, a PAYG ensures that you don’t get overcharged. It lets you monitor and budget your mobile usage in order to avoid the ugly incident of going over your monthly bill.

You already have the phone that you like

When people are shopping for a new handset, they mostly opt for a mobile contract because they can obtain their desired phone for free or at a subsidized pricing. However, you may not benefit from it if you have a working phone that you are still happy with or if you have enough cash to buy a phone outright. In this case, you may be able to save more money by buying a phone separately and using a PAYG SIM.

You travel all the time

It may not be ideal to tie yourself to a mobile contract if you know that you will be constantly traveling. You can rack up your phone bill easily because of higher roaming rates. What you can do instead is to stick with PAYG and keep an unlocked phone so you can easily change to a local SIM card whenever you travel abroad.

You don’t like a long-term commitment

Not everyone is a fan of being in a long-term contract, and they have good reasons to worry. Perhaps, you may encounter difficulties with your monthly payments, your current provider is difficult to negotiate with, or you simply found a better phone deal elsewhere. Being on PAYG gives you the freedom to switch services any time you see fit, without having to worry about paying expensive termination fees or hurting your credit.

You have children who may use your phone

You can never trust your children with your mobile phone because they can have the tendency to be careless. A few international calls can quickly leave you with monthly surprises, and possibly in bad credit. If you have children who borrow your phone or anyone in the house who cannot be fully trusted, PAYG may be a better idea because there’s a limit even if they try to use your phone.

You don’t mind topping up your credits

One inconvenience with a pay as you go scheme is that you need to top up credits before you can use the mobile service as opposed to a postpaid contract. It could be a downside if you need to make important calls but ran out of credits. However, if you have a good grasp of your mobile usage and consume your credits consistently, you won’t have to deal with irregular top ups.

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